about laura jane

I’m a full-time work-at-home mommy of one rambunctious kiddo (Mason), one outrageously adorable baby boy (Asher) and wife of 6 years to an incredibly smokin’ hot man (Topher). We live in Oklahoma in a small house along side two ornery cats (George and Allie) and one beautiful and over-sized pup (London). I juggle my days between laundry, site designing and kiddo wrangling and my husband does some fancy behind the scenes 401k magic at a major state bank.

When I’m sitting at my workspace I’m usually designing, emailing, blogging, reading other blogs, listening to spotify and finding inspiration on pinterest all at the same time throughout the internet. I’m a browser tab-aholic, there are always at least 10 tabs open at any given point in the day. If I’m not at the computer you can usually find me coloring in disney coloring books with my son, cooking tapioca (yuuuuum), reading a cheesy romance novel, sleeping, or vacuuming up pet hair.


Four fun facts about me:

1. I hate chocolate.
2. I am an expert in all things Harry Potter. Seriously.
3. In 2001, my winterguard group won bronze medal at the international competition… and I can still spin a rifle like a demon.
4. Hook and Robin Hood: Men In Tights are my favorite movies.


about lj-designs

Laura Jane Designs launched officially in June 2010 after being asked to design some friends’ blogs. I was searching for an answer to the largest dilemma I had at the time, what am I going to do to help support my family while being able to stay home with my son? I had knack for design and the web and just knew that I could put my brain and talents to good use by helping to make it a prettier place for all of us. I had so much fun and gained a sense of accomplishment and purpose when designing my first few blogs. I started taking classes, scouring the internet for resources, reading coding books, and practice practice practice.

As of May 1st, 2012 I decided to stay home full time with my son and Laura Jane Designs went full time! It’s a giant leap of faith our family is taking and we are trusting that He will provide and help my business thrive. Thank you to every. single. person. that orders a design service from me. You have no idea how much you are helping my family. I am very blessed by each of you!

Thank you!


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